Fire Marshal

Mission Statement
To provide training of citizens in fire prevention, public safety and the enforcement of City, State, and Federal laws involving fire protection. To provide a safe and healthy environment free of unsightly weeds, abandoned cars and unsafe building and structures and to strictly enforce City codes.

This department is responsible for the inspection and education in the area of fire prevention, for the investigation of fire causes and other duties prescribed by law. The Fire Marshal is also responsible for the demolition and removal of unsafe structures, removal of junk debris and weed control

  • Decrease the number and severity of fires in this community through inspections, code enforcement, and public education
  • Provide timely inspections for code violations that may occur in the City
  • Upgrade fire prevention programs and training aids
  • Assist citizens of Brownwood to become safer by pre-fire planning and more fire prevention education
  • Decrease the number of lots that violate the high weed ordinances by getting taxing bodies to sell lots they own at auction
  • Increase the number and quality of visual aids for fire prevention training
  • Provide adequate computer training to speed up code enforcement and have quick access to records
  • Update film library for fire prevention films