Health Department

Our Mission
To promote and protect the health of those in the community by making preventative health services available to every citizen needing them.
Department Description
Public health activities for the City and County are provided by this department. Funding is derived from the City of Brownwood and Brown County as well as through grants from the Texas Department of State Health Services. The City of Brownwood has supervisory control. The area activities are preventative in nature and do not include treatment except sexually diseases and T.B.
The various components of the department include:
  • Community and Rural Health, (chronic diseases, immunization, STD, HIV, and Tuberculosis)
  • Public Health Preparedness
  • Sanitary Inspections
  • Women, Infant and Children nutrition program
  • Continue to provide and improve health programs and health education
  • Create a greater preventive health awareness among restaurants, vendors, day care, and school lunch rooms concerning the planning of their menus
  • Draft and implement comprehensive public health emergency plans to mitigate the affect of public health threats
  • Encourage more community involvement in disease prevention
  • Offer free non certification food classes for restaurants. Increase immunization numbers, and awareness of STD and HIV prevention
  • Collaborate with other community services and form coalitions to promote programs and education in prevention of cardiovascular and cancer diseases
  • Continue to promote immunization of children and adults. Encourage high risk clients to get HIV counseling and testing. Give clients pamphlets and educate on risk reduction
  • Continue to provide needed health programs with screening, testing, and referrals
  • Engage with key community partners in preparing the community for public health emergencies
  • Increase clients for WIC program through stepped up advertising and extended hours
  • Make more health education and materials available to the community, (videos in waiting room, pamphlets place in Laundromats, schools, child care facilities and counselors