Lock Take Hide

Welcome to the official trademarked and licensed Hide Lock Take (HLT) vehicle theft program. We are deeply committed to fighting auto theft across the nation by protecting people and their property for over a decade. With a crisis of 1.2 billion dollars in personal property taken from vehicles yearly and an additional 1.85 million auto thefts and vehicle break-ins, only 11% of those crimes were solved by the police. Hide Lock Take is the answer to this issue. 

Since its beginning, the HLT program is the most successful campaign against auto crimes and vehicle break-ins. The Hide Lock Take program throughout the United States and Canada has reduced auto theft and vehicle break-ins by 85%. Professional and renowned crime-fighting experts travel from state to state speaking to the public as a service. We have helped through community awareness signs to reduce 3 out of 4 auto theft and vehicle break-ins throughout Texas.
The key to the success of the campaign is simplicity with the three following steps:
  • 1: Hide your things
  • 2: Lock your car
  • 3: Take your keys

For more information visit www.hidelocktake.com