Think Before You Click (Computer Security)

Scam artists use clever schemes to defraud millions of people around the globe each year. Being on guard online can help you maximize the benefits of the internet and minimize your chance of being defrauded. Learn how to recognize common scams and what you can do to avoid them.  

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Identity Theft
Here's an overview of what to know and do about identity theft.

Tech Support Scams
Who is calling out of the blue, claiming to be able to "fix" your computer? A scammer, that’s who. 

Hacked Email
What to do if you think your email or social networking account has been hacked. 
Avoiding Online Scams
Ten steps you can take to avoid scams 
Common Online Scams
Tricks that con artists use to get people to send them money  
What to do about messages that ask for your personal information 
Money Transfer Scams
Scammers often insist on money transfers for payment because wiring money is like sending cash: Once it's gone, you can't get it back 
Online Dating Scams
Signs that your online love is a scam artist  Online 
Work-at-Home Scams
Bogus ads often promise steady income for minimal labor 
Lotteries and Sweepstakes Scams
Have to pay to get your prize? It’s a scam. 
Fake Check Scams
A fake check can take weeks to uncover – and cost you a fortune 
Imposter Scams
Tips to help you spot a scammer impersonating a friend or relative 

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