Sanitation Truck 11.3.2022-4


The Brownwood Solid Waste Services department is responsible for the collection of solid waste generated by residents and businesses in the City, including the City's extra-territorial jurisdiction. The department operates in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


The Brownwood Solid Waste Services department is responsible for the collection of solid waste for all residents and commercial establishments for the City of Brownwood by utilizing collection dumpsters of various sizes. The department collects solid waste as follows:

  •  1 - 6 times per week for commercial garbage collection. 
  • Once per week for residential dumpsters in the alley. 
  • Twice per week for roll-out containers. 


  • To promote health and safety to the community by providing an environment free from hazards and unpleasantness of uncollected solid waste, with the least possible inconvenience to the citizens.
  • To provide proper collection, transportation, and disposal of residential, commercial, and industrial solid waste for the City of Brownwood in the most cost-efficient methods possible. 


  • Assist in City-wide cleanup in cooperation with Keep Brownwood Beautiful. 
  • Continue to provide the necessary training for all department personnel.
  • Continue to repair and maintain all damaged or worn dumpsters and upgrade to new ones when possible.
  • Pick up brush, bagged leaves, bagged grass clippings, and debris as requested by residents, in a timely manner.

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