Brownwood-Brown County Mobile Food Establishment Regulations

A Mobile Food Establishment:

Food service operation located in a vehicle that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends or otherwise provides food for consumption on or off the premises.

All mobile food establishments serving food and/or drink in Brown County must be inspected and permitted by the Brownwood-Brown County Health Department prior to serving or selling within the City or County. Permits are issued after successful completion of inspection and payment of the permit fee. The Health Inspector will inspect Mobile Food Establishments by appointment only; please call 325-646-0554.​

Overview of Mobile Food Establishment Requirements:

• Must be permitted by the Brownwood-Brown County Health Department prior to selling.

• A valid State Tax ID is required.

• Managing personnel must have a current Texas Food Manager Certificate.

• Must park on commercial-zoned private property out of the right-of-way. Per City Ordinance it is unlawful for any person to sell from the streets of the city.

• Restrooms must be conveniently located and accessible to employees during all hours of operation. This may require an agreement with an adjacent business.

• All food must be stored and prepared on-site or come from a facility that is inspected and approved by a health department.

• Items used by the customer (i.e. condiments) must be provided as single serve units only.

• Food contact surfaces must be non-toxic, smooth, and seamless; free of cracks, breaks, cuts, and chips; kept clean and sanitized.

• Floors, walls, and ceilings must be constructed of smooth, easily cleaned, non-absorbent, light colored material. Wood surfaces shall be painted or sealed. All surfaces must be clean, sanitized and in good repair. Floors must have curbing.

• All outer openings require proper screening against the entrance of insects and pests. Doors must be self-closing of solid construction with a solid step up to the door. Serving windows must be kept closed until a customer comes to purchase food.

• Water used in food preparation, hand washing and dishwashing must come from an approved source and in adequate supply for these uses.

• Potable water tanks must have a different size connection than the waste water tank, clearly labeled as “Potable Water” and backflow prevention is required on potable water inlets. Please see for detailed requirements.

• A separate hand washing sink with hot and cold running water, hand washing soap and paper towels are required for proper handwashing.

• A 3 compartment sink with hot and cold running water, dish washing soap and unscented chlorine bleach must be provided for dishwashing. The rinse water concentration standard is 50 ppm chlorine.

• Wastewater must be held in a retention tank 15% larger than potable water tank and must be carried off-site for disposal. NO wastewater can be poured out on the ground.

• Well maintained covered trash receptacles with disposable bags must be provided and emptied daily and when full.

• The unit must be equipped with cooking and storage devices that allow for appropriate storage, preparation, cooking and holding of items the establishment will prepare and sell.

• Barbeque pits and grills with lids may be used for cooking and holding. Barbeque pits and grills must have a physical barrier from public area or enclosed with screen or metal. No grease discharge from pit to the ground is allowed.

• All trailers require a vent hood assembly to keep cooking fumes out of the unit as well as a fire extinguisher on board for safety.

• No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed in the establishment.

• The establishment must be rodent and pest free.

• The vehicle must be in good condition, road worthy with current tags and no permanent utility fixtures.

• A separate storage area for chemicals is required.

• Workers must wear gloves and hair restraints (includes beard restraints as needed) while working.

Brownwood Fire Department Fire Marshal Inspection includes:

1. 5 LB. ABC Fire Extinguisher (2A10BC Extinguisher)

2. Vent Hood Suppression System (ANSUL) over fryers and griddles

3. Class K Extinguisher

4. Proper fuel storage of fuel cans when operating a generator

These requirements fall under International Fire Code 2015, Fire Protection Systems Section 901.4.4; and NFPA 17.

Detailed requirements are found in the Texas Administrative Code for Retail Food Service ( ). For additional information call the Brownwood-Brown County Health Department at 325-646-0554.

Remember that all mobile food establishments are subject to periodic inspections and that the Health Permit can be revoked for any violation that is unsafe to the general public.