How much will the project cost?

The estimated cost for the project is $8,900,000

  • Ice House Stage/Pavilion
    Estimated Cost: $1,477,300
  • Outdoor Improvements/Site Work
    Estimated Cost - $1,293,900  
  • Event Center
    Estimated Cost - $4,577,325 
  • Land Acquisition, Site Development, Parking Lots
    Estimated Cost - 1,000,000 

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1. How will this project be funded?
2. Is this going to lead to a property tax rate increase?
3. How much will the project cost?
4. How is the City of Brownwood paying for this project?
5. What is the timeline for the completion of the Event Center?
6. Will the other City facilities still be available to rent once the new facility is complete?
7. Will there be adequate parking for a event space of this size in the area?
8. Will the new Event Center have breakout rooms to facilitate small to mid-size conferences?
9. Will the new Event Center include any outdoor event space?
10. Will there be areas usable for music or concerts in the new Event Center?
11. What is H.O.T. Funds?
12. Did the City consider new construction instead of redeveloping existing buildings?