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Code Compliance Violation Notification

  1. Allow vegetation to exceed 12-inches in height on property from the street edge to the alley center.
  2. Park any motor vehicle, trailer or boat on any portion of unpaved front yard
  3. Store or park any vehicle that does not have a valid license plate, inspection sticker and is wrecked or inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days on private property or 72 hours on public property.
  4. Not display 4" tall house numbers visible from the street.
  5. Have more than 4 dogs or cats or combination of both. Permit continuous barking or animal waste related health hazards
  6. Park any oversized commercial vehicle on a public space in a residential area.
  7. Park any type of trailer on a public street, alley or parkway.
  8. Have any unoccupied buildings left open and unsecured.
  9. Construct or install any structure without appropriate permits.
  10. Store items normally kept within a structure (appliances, building materials, furniture, mattresses, etc...) and items in such disrepair they cannot be used for the designed purpose (old travel trailers, lawn chairs with rotted cloth seats, etc) and/or trash, in open view.
  11. Dump waste illegally. Not only city ordinance, but state law also prohibits illegal dumping in unauthorized locations. Penalties for illegal dumping can be as high as $1,000.00 and/or 30 days in jail. Report illegal dumping at 1-877-897-3867
  12. Open sewage or sewage seeping onto ground.
  13. Structure or property infested by insects, rodents, snakes or other vermin.
  14. Livestock animal being kept in a residential district.
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