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Residential Project Application

  1. Project Address

  2. Owner

  3. General Contractor

  4. Permit issuance does not modify any existing title restriction(s).

  5. Accompanying Documentation

    This application shall be accompanied by the following:
    - Plat of subject property signed and sealed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor when developing properties not previously platted and platted properties being sub-divided or combined.
    - Property development site drawing prepared to scale or completely dimensioned. The scope of the site drawing should be appropriate to the developer’s intended property use. In the case of demolition, the site drawing shall show the structure(s) to be demolished, size and location of remaining and planned structures.
    - Include an energy compliance report.
    - Commercial or multi-family applications must be accompanied by 1 set of plans and a PDF copy, including a site drawing, with the seal of a licensed architect or engineer as required by law. At least 1 week minimum is required to process the application for commercial or multi-family projects. However, the City reserves the right to require more time when necessary.
    - Submit an additional set of plans and a flood development application for projects located in the floodplain.
    - Plans and specifications required by law for issuance of specific permits.

  6. Setback Requirements

    Front - 25 Feet; 15 Feet if zoned MH
    Street side - 15 Feet along side street; 25 Feet if a major thoroughfare
    Common side - 6 Feet for R-1; 5 Feet for R-1a, R-2, R-3, C-1, C-2, M-1, M-2; 7.5 Feet for MH
    Rear - 3 Feet; 10 Feet for MH

  7. Certificate of FFE

    A Certificate of FFE shall be submitted prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

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