Human Resources

police and fire
police and fire

Mission Statement

The Human Resources Department is dedicated to providing quality recruitment, hiring and retention of City employees, competent management of the payroll and benefits programs, partnering with all departments in implementing and following city, state and federal rules and regulations, promoting employment opportunities that ensure a good working environment with opportunities for advancement, and overall outstanding service.


  • To follow and promote all local, state and federal rules and regulations concerning personnel management
  • To maintain accurate records of all personnel files, including records of pay, leave, benefits, workers compensation and retirement
  • To promote a better working environment throughout the City with genuine respect and appreciation for all employees
  • To provide for proper interpretation, information and implementation of the City's personnel policies and procedures
  • To provide service to the City management in all areas of personnel related matters
  • To provide service to the individual departments that results in the recruitment and hiring of individuals with qualified skills, knowledge and abilities
  • To recognize the value of City employees and acknowledge their dedicated service


The Human Resources Department is responsible for the acceptance of applications for City departments and assists the Department Heads and Supervisors in the recruitment and hiring of employees. This department is responsible for the maintaining of all personnel files and payroll computer files for 300+ employees and retirees.

Civil Service

Civil Service employees are also governed by Chapter 143, Local Government Code Municipal Civil Service and the local "Meet and Confer" agreements.

For Civil Service Postings or Civil Service Application Form, see the Fire Department or Police Department section of this web page.