Multipurpose Event Center Complex Project

Exterior Event Center Downtown Brownwood Outside Brick Building

Project History 

The City of Brownwood and Municipal Development District have been discussing and developing plans for a new multipurpose event center for over four years.  This project was one of the primary reasons Brownwood converted to a municipal development district in 2016, with the intent to use economic development sales tax for a multipurpose event center. 

After researching numerous event centers in cities across the state, City leadership decided to focus on preserving and redeveloping existing buildings in the Historic Depot Civic and Cultural Complex to embrace the rich history of the area, coordinate with existing meeting facilities, and reduce the cost of building from the ground up. 
Master Plan - Vision of Area

Purpose of Project 

The goal of this project is to create a new rentable multipurpose event space with indoor and outdoor components to help facilitate events and conventions that will create a positive economic impact on the local economy and business growth.  

There are 3 main elements of the project that will be a part of the new event complex. 

Ice House Stage/Pavilion 

The existing Ice House building on Lee Street has been demolished down to its foundation to erect a new structure in its place.  This new structure will function as a stage for large events, small gatherings, and concerts. It can also serve as spill-over outdoor space for the larger event center.  A small enclosed structure will be built adjacent to the stage to contain support space and additional meeting rooms. The open event green space referred to as Reunion Lawn, can easily accommodate 7,500 spectators with additional depending on crowd control and setup. The max occupancy for under the Pavillion is 462 with tables and chairs, and just under 1,000 seated auditorium style.
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Outdoor Improvements/Site Work

The site surrounding the Ice House will be divided into the large viewing lawn/festival ground stretching east (the current RV Park) and a small viewing lawn to the south.  This will allow for more flexible use for all sizes and types of events.  The large viewing lawn will be fenced and will be available as a mini-festival ground for a variety of outdoor events.   Parking will be developed in surrounding City-owned property along with new property acquisition for expanded parking.   
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Event Center 

The last phase of the project will be the development of the event center inside of what is known as the Timmins building on the corner of Baker and Greenleaf. Originally built as a warehouse for the Radford Grocery Company in the 1920s, the building will be converted into a multipurpose event center with spaces for conventions and breakout activities.  Currently unnamed, the Event Center will also be ideal for banquets, weddings, and a multitude of other event types.  The intent of the aesthetic is the bring in modern features while preserving the building’s original industrial character.   

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Brownwood Coliseum 

To leverage our local event facilities, the City of Brownwood has engaged Howard Payne University in a 10-year lease of the Brownwood Coliseum.  HPU will take over all operations and operational expenses under a new agreement and will continue to rent out the facility for public events, as the schedule allows. HPU will commit to make significant improvements to the facility including a new HVAC unit and a new ceiling system.  This new agreement will allow the City of Brownwood to transfer all operational expenses from the Brownwood Coliseum to the new multipurpose event center.  

Project Funding Sources 

The construction project will primarily be funded by existing Brownwood Municipal Development District economic development sales tax. The BMDD intends to allocate $7 million in cash reserves for the initial phases of the project.  Since this will be a multi-year construction project, the BMDD will be able to expense part of this project over two fiscal years as well.  If any financing is required to complete the project, the City may borrow funds that the BMDD will pay the debt service on through subsequent fiscal year budgets.  There is also $350,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds that will be allocated to the project. 


With Howard Payne University taking over the operations and staffing of the Coliseum, that portion of the City’s community facilities budget will be re-allocated to the new multipurpose complex for operations and staffing.  


With approvals in October 2020, BRW Architects began their work in December 2020 on the full design of all phases of the project.  The estimated start of construction on the multipurpose event center complex is spring of 2022. The complex is currently under construction with an estimated completion of early 2024. 

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