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Cecil Holman Park


  1. Pavilions
  2. Picnic Table
  3. Playground
  4. Soccer Field
  5. Grill
  6. Lighted Basketball Courts
  7. Restrooms

3.04 acres off Cordell  and Hall Street right next to Austin Avenue.(1974 EDA Project) – Environment Develop.
Two pavilions, one (Four tables @ 10’) with sitting capacity of 72, which include 2 game tables. Two Basketball Full-court Lighted, Two Large Playground Areas, Picnic Tables,  open BBQ Grill, Park Benches, Restroom Facilities, and Parking Area. Bennie Houston Recreation Center is also part of the park. The Recreation Center is also available to rent by calling 325-646-0620 or Email to reserve. The Center includes an indoor Basketball/Volleyball Gym, Kitchen, tables, chairs, meeting rooms, and restroom facilities.