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1. What items are accepted at the Recycling center?
2. The item I want to recycle has a recycling symbol on it but you won’t accept it at your facility for recycling. Why?
3. Do my containers need to be clean when I bring them out?
4. Can plastic bags be recycled with plastic bottles?
5. Can I recycle aluminum foil with the aluminum cans?
6. When do you have mulch for sale and will you load it for me?
7. Can I just show up to get some mulch?
8. Do I have to take the refrigerant out of the refrigerator or freezer before I bring it to you?
9. What type of paint can I bring to the recycling center?
10. Will there be someone there to unload my recyclable items?
11. I am interested in the pulverized glass, does the recycling center provide containers for this?