Street Department

Mission Statement

To provide efficient, economic access to desired destinations, such as employment, shopping and other facilities in a quick, convenient and safe manner for all citizens in every section of the City.


The Street Department has the following responsibilities:
  • Constructs and coordinates the construction or reconstruction of city streets and signal lights
  • Maintains drainage structures
  • Maintains paved and unpaved alleys
  • Maintains paved and unpaved streets
  • Maintains traffic control devices and information signs
  • Sweeps streets as requested.


  • To provide a proactive pavement maintenance system through out the City
  • To provide good, safe streets with adequate signage for the convenience of the citizens of Brownwood and visitors in addition to accessible alleys for use by various utility providers and Sanitation Department


  • Blade unpaved streets and alleys on a timely basis.
  • Clear obstructions from grates, inlets and intersections upon notification on a timely basis.
  • Continue to maintain city streets by sealing cracks and reconstruction.
  • Increase knowledge through training of assigned personnel in public works and traffic engineering by attending seminars and traffic engineering schools.
  • Maintain efficiency in replacing or repairing signs.
  • Patch potholes and utility cuts in streets in a timely manner.
  • Seal coat and level up streets on a schedule system each year.
  • Sweep downtown streets weekly, sweep other streets as needed on a timely basis.
Street problems, potholes, etc. can be called in at: 325-643-4200, or you can use the following form to let us know of issues.   (Report Street problems / potholes)