In May of 2016, City Council set goals for the 2016/2017 fiscal year, which included splash pads. Splash pads provide a fun activity for children and families and is free, allowing all residents to enjoy. The dates of operation are expected to be May 1 – September 30, but will be extended dependent on warm weather.  


Oasis – 2,000 sq. ft. with 20 water features. No above ground equipment. Two splash pads of this design is proposed.

Watergarden – 2,500 sq. ft. with 17 above ground water features.        

Watergarden Splashpad

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Oasis Splashpad

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Multiple location options were considered based off of park size, existing parking, restrooms, pavilions and ease of access. Splash pad locations at parks nearby elementary schools are recommended (Trigg, Mayes and Alcorn). These locations are highly visible, familiar to residents, serve multiple neighborhoods, and provide easy access to schools. The Oasis design is proposed for Mays Park, as it is compatible with the skate park. It can be ridden on by skate boards and bikes. Trigg Park is proposed to be Oasis as well, as there will be additional investment spent on this park to build a restroom facility. The Watergarden design is proposed for Alcorn Park. 

Water Use

Staff is recommending a flow-through system for the water. The designs are intended for flow-through systems to conserve water. In the future, we may install an irrigation system for the gray water. At times of water restrictions, we can limit the days and hours of operation, up to closing if needed. The recirculation system is an additional $60,000-85,000 to install. In addition to up front cost, it requires more labor and cost to maintain. A recirculating system is the same as operating a pool with chemicals, water testing, filters, etc. A flow-through system requires very little maintenance and staff time. 

Vendors and Cost 

Staff and Council members met several vendors at the TML Conference in 2016 and after further research, determined that Vortex provided the best quality product and service at a competitive price. Vortex provides the manufacture, design and installation of splash pads and is a NPP vendor (national procurement cooperative like Buy Board).  Council approved up to $550,000 for the design and construct for three splash pads. In July of 2016, Council authorized the issuance of a $3 million CO to fund streets, park improvements and facility improvements. Over $1 million is dedicated to street improvements, and about $500,000 is slated for facility improvements, such as new HVAC at the Law Enforcement Center, city hall renovations, and repair/repainting the Santa Fe Depot and Harvey House. Cost for infrastructure to provide utility lines to the splash pads will be about $5,500 per park. Plans are being developed to construct a restroom at Trigg Park.            


The anticipated construction date is July 31. It takes about 10 days to construct each splash pad.