What's Here

A rich collection of railroad memorabilia and equipment are contained in the main museum building. The building itself was built to replicate many aspects of railroad history within its modern design. Displays highlight the building of the local railroad, and railroad men. Learn the history of the railroad in America, and why it was, and continues to be, an important part of our collective history.
Actual train cars outside are open for viewing. Climb on board a real Santa Fe caboose and learn why the caboose was an important part of a working train. Walk through history by going on the Pullman Business Train Car, a rare piece of railroad history.
An extensive collection of operating model train layouts of all sizes create a world of miniature railroads inside the building.
The train depot at the museum.
The Lehnis Museum maintains a collection of china and silverware from railroad dining cars. It is a reflection of the glory days of train travel when travel by rail meant elegance.
Visit the 100-year old depot right here on the spacious museum grounds. Both the train station and the freight room were once the hub of activity in small towns across America.
The Mini-Train travels through its own set of tracks on the grounds of the museum. Comfortable seats accommodate children and adults while the miniature locomotive pulls the train.

A Play Area located inside the museum gives children a chance to build their own train tracks and have hands-on fun. The Play Area offers both S.T.E.A.M. and Sensory opportunities for children of all ages.