Off-duty Police Security

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The public often asks if they can hire an off-duty police officer to provide extra security at a special event. Outside security agencies are not permitted.
Brownwood Police Department permits officers to work special events and other off-duty details through a scheduling system maintained within the department. 

The standard rate is $45.00 per hour/per officer, when arrangements are made with more than 24 hours notice. Rates may vary based upon amount of notice, availability of officers, and size/type of event.
For more information regarding hourly rates or staffing needs based on the scope of your event, please contact: 

Lt. Art Shannon
Brownwood Police Dept.
phone: (325) 646-2525
Brownwood Police Department also handles the security for Brown County Youth Fair Barn and Home Economics buildings. After a contract is signed with Brown County Youth Fair, the renter must contact the Police Department to arrange for the security details. Failure to do so will void the renters contract.

** Reminder: Glass bottles of any kind are not permitted where alcohol is present **