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Parade, Sound, Alcohol and Temp Street Closure Form (2023 Updated)

  1. Parade, Sound, Alcohol and Temp Street Closure Form

    Please download and fill out the form. Once completed, upload the form in the file uploader below and click the submit button to submit your form.

    This permit application is designed for events or festivals that will take place on public property, such as right of way, sidewalks, streets, parking lots, and parks.

    The City recognizes that special events help define the City’s image, build community, drive economic activity, and enhance the overall quality of life. The Special Events Resolution creates a permitting process including criteria for Special Events designed to protect, preserve, and promote the safety and welfare of the public by providing for public safety, medical, fire, traffic operations, sanitation and other elements associated with the event.

    The Special Event Permit Application must be submitted no less than 14 calendar days before the first date of the proposed date of the Special Event. For the application to be considered, it must be signed and every section completed.

    As the Event Producer, you are responsible for adhering to all stipulations as outlined by City Ordinances and the Special Events Application. If you do not have enough room, please attach additional information to be as thorough as possible.

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