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  1. Hangar Waiting List Application

    New hangar application form.

Brush & Bulky Item Pick Up

  1. Residential Brush and Bulky Item Collection Request

    These services are intended for residential requests only.

Development Services Department

  1. Application for ROW and Access

    Separate permits are required for Site Clearing and Grading. Any work in city right of way, storm water pollution prevention, parking... More…

  2. Code Compliance Violation Notification
  3. Property Owner Release for Nuisance Abatement

    Release by Property Owner for Nuisance Abatement

  4. Vendor Authorization from Owner

    Peddlers, Itinerant Vendors, Solicitors, Transient Merchants or Vendors Letter of Authorization

  1. Application for Special Exception

    Due at least 20 days prior to public hearing.

  2. Demolition and Work Agreement Permit
  3. Unified Appeals Board Hearing Request

Request Forms

  1. Open Records Request Form

    Notice to Requestor: The City of Brownwood will comply with all provisions of the Open Records Act. Pursuant to the Open Records Act,... More…

  2. Utility Investigation Application

    Use this form for Utility Investigation and Water, Sewer, Lawn Sprinkler, and Fire Sprinkler Taps. Applicants must call the Development... More…

  1. Parade, Sound, Alcohol and Temp Street Closure Form (2023 Updated)

    Please download and fill out the form. Once completed, upload the form in the file uploader below and click the submit button to submit... More…